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What are the advantages of laser cutting in the sheet metal industry?

Laser cutting uses a high-energy-density laser beam to heat the workpiece, which causes the temperature to rise sensitively and reach the material in a very short time.

Laser cutting is a product developed by modern science. It is also a technological transformation of sheet metal processing, and has brought a transformative concept to sheet metal manufacturing. Laser cutting technology and cutting start equipment are being understood and accepted by broad sheet metal processing enterprises, and gradually replace traditional sheet metal with many advantages such as high processing efficiency, high processing accuracy, good cutting section quality, and three-dimensional cutting processing. Cutting equipment (mainly CNC equipment, including traditional plate processing equipment such as shears, punches, flame cutting, plasma cutting, high-pressure water cutting).

Laser skills have a very important position in the sheet metal processing process, advance the sheet metal process to make productivity, and promote the development of the sheet metal process. Laser cutting has a high degree of flexibility, which can greatly reduce the processing cycle, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, forward processing accuracy, and speed up product development. These benefits have been valued by many production companies.

Selecting a sheet metal laser cutting machine has the following six advantages:

1. Laser cutting has a high degree of flexibility, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, and short product production cycle.

2. Laser cutting has no cutting force and no deformation during processing;

3. No tool wear, good material adaptability, long useful life,

4. Whether it is simple or messy sheet metal, it can be cut by laser in one rapid and rapid forming;

5. The slit is narrow, the cut quality is good, the degree of initiative is high, the operation is simple, the labor intensity is low, and there is no pollution;

6. It can complete the cutting and active layout, nesting, advance the material utilization rate, low production cost, and good economic benefits.

Post time: Sep-29-2019